I Try to Reach 2200 in 10 Days – Day 3

It’s day 3. I’m trying to raise my chess rating to 2200 ELO within 10 days.

RULE 1: Only Rapid Games.
RULE 2: I have to explain every single move I play.
RULE 3: If I lose a game, I have to become a clown for the next one.

This speedrun is authorized on chess.com. The ELO points will be refunded.

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0:00 Intro
00:11 Game 1: Insane BRILLIAN MOVE missed!
11:38 Game 2: How to WIN with an EXTRA pawn
21:41 Game 3: King’s Gambit (HELP!!!)

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  1. Its obviously Rf2 and if he takes your queen rf7 mate

  2. The move in the first game is to Sacrifice…………..THE QUEEEEEEEEEN by blocking the check with rook to f2 and if they take our queen there is rook f7 checkmate..

  3. 8:45
    She missed Rf2 blocking check and if Queen takes Queen, there is Rf7#

  4. Guys, she is smart. She gets us to comment increases the YouTube algorithm.

    She forked us!

  5. Enjoying another daily dose of Alessia's accent

  6. The brilliant (!!) move is the Roooookkk ! (in the voice of gotham chess) in f2 if he takes the queen Rooookk f7 checkmate

  7. Spero tu faccia uno short per mostrarci la mossa brillante

  8. 8:42 Missed Rf2. Only way to stop mate on f7 is Qxf2, then Kxf2 and you're winning.

  9. I am 1600 elo rated player honestly I see brilliant move in 10 second Rf2 threat mate

  10. OMG that was an amazing check mate threat you missed there 😲, Rf2 and if Q takes Q, you had Rf7-mate…. is so cool watching you play chess, the way you outmaneuver your opponents is just so amazing i watch you all day and you still continue to be my chess hero

  11. So I've started playing my e4 opening like she does, bringing both knights out, which I always thought was weaker, but I've won every game so far, and I can't argue with winning. It's different, though. You get into tactics really quickly, whereas before it was more positional play. Still making too many mistakes and don't always have a plan, but I just try to imitate her when I don't know what to do, either try to improve a piece or take a little space. So far, it's working. I'll never be a great player, but it's more fun playing like this, and we should all have fun playing a game.

  12. Did not find the ' brilliant move' at 8:45 ie. There wasn't one….

  13. 10:20 We create our own luck through good moves, Alessia! Confidence 🙂

  14. Yooooooo rook F2 and If he took the queen checkmate in 1

  15. why are u laughing without any reason? insane

  16. Rf2 is brilliant but if the oppennent plays rf8 there is not any beautiful position so its not that amazing if im not blind .

  17. The brilliant move is Rf2 with Rf7 mate as an idea! This avoids the queen trade because if black takes white's queen then Rf7#…

  18. Game 1, missed move.
    I guess it is rook f2, threatening Mate in 1. Nice move indeed.

  19. In the next game, why not take p at e5 with your night instead of with your p. Then k x k check gives a revealed attack on his b on b2

  20. 11:36

    1…, Rf2
    2. Rf8 (Queen can't take because of Rf7#), Qh4+
    3. Ke8, Bd4 (traps the Queen)

  21. idiotic series are continuing, and her death approaches

  22. i like how you also explain your thinking process (very useful for me)

  23. I stared at 13:30 and this is so nefarious:
    If h3 e4, Bxg7 xf3, Bxf8 then f2+ and they lose their queen for a rook! Which is probably why they moved Qe1?

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