ILLEGAL Move & WIN the Game! #shorts

How can you miss an illegal move in Tata Steel! 😂
Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Z powodu założonej maseczki tlen do mózgu jemu ograniczyło hahahah

  2. Next that guys gonna castle with 2 rooks

  3. Actually in order to do a castling in chess you need kings and rooks and if you move one of them you cannot castling

  4. The funny thing is he blundered again vidit when he moved his king into check LMAO. He basically sac'ed the king.

  5. Well that was un confusing \(^o^)/🫠

  6. one time in the tournament i castled a queen and before it i had won 4/4 games

  7. That’s not illegal you can do that he just did it wrong

  8. For those none chess players if that is called castling. You cannot castle after moving your king or room so it is a illegal move

  9. you already move your king so u cannot castle

  10. Same I Did in My InterCollege Match 😜

  11. Would Pragg need to move his king (after illegal castle move), as he touched the piece, so if there is a legal king move, he will have to play it?

  12. right but if you move your king and castle then you are totally dumb

  13. Pahle pahle King ko touch karne ke bad castling nahin Hoti hai

  14. حرك الملك وبعدها قام يبييت هذا الغش بعينه😅

  15. Pragg:my life my rules😎
    Arjun: yeh kya chal rahahai ,yeh maa bachale mere ko😭

  16. I would change the law, if king is its original field you must have right to castle, no matter you have moved him.

  17. In if you move king 👑💖or rook you cannot 🏰 castle or if you do not move both of them then 2 reason is in check time you cannot castle

  18. The thing is you cannot castle if your king is. Under attack.

  19. and still wins 💀
    isn't pragg like top 13 chess gm?

  20. who is the powerful KING OR QUEEN. why is the king has a little move than queen?

  21. Pragg rules!! 2min under, but remains calm and still wins! 💪🤟👊

  22. 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 mobile game rules follow panirukaru pragg avarkalukku vanakkam

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