Is castling a blunder? #circularchess #chess #chess2 #gamedev

Is castling a blunder in circular chess? It might seem that way because of the exposed edges, but it isn’t as dangerous as it looks.


  1. Is it just me, or there are extra arcs connecting the pawns, which weren't there before, leading to this

  2. Is it possible to make hexagonal circular Chess? Man, wrapping your head around that is the real challenge.

  3. circular chess looks hellish to calculate moves

  4. The playing field is basically a flattened tube, isn't it?
    So how would the game work out if you placed the pieces in the in/out direction instead and maybe put another row of peasants behind, to guard from rear attacks?

  5. Remember, it's only a blunder if you lose.

  6. But the king forgot about the bishop in the blue dimension 😈

  7. This game doesnt work. I thought it was a really cool new ideal, but moving your rooks pawn is basically forced in the opening after your opponent moves his queen or kings pawn, since you will get your rook trapped at the second move with the bishop. Also the pawns doenst interact so how are you gonna stop promotion, its basically just a sprint and white will win 90% of the times because of the forced first moves.

  8. Everyone who wants to play this, the game is “Deckmate” on steam and is in beta right now

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