Jon Ludvig Hammer vs Magnus Carlsen, Jan 05, 2023 #chess #chessgame #MagnusCarlsen #JonLudvigHammer

This Chess Game Played on Jan 05, 2023

Jon Ludvig Hammer (Norway)
Magnus Carlsen (Norway)

ECO (Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings): B06: Robatsch (Modern) Defence
Event: Live Chess

00:00 Intro
00:08 B00: King’s Pawn Opening
00:14 B06: Robatsch (Modern) Defence
02:14 White Pawn Capture Black Pawn
02:27 White Pawn Capture Black Pawn
02:35 Black Queen Capture White Pawn
03:16 Black Pawn Capture White Pawn
03:38 White Queen Capture Black Queen
03:45 Black Pawn Capture White Queen
03:52 White Pawn Capture Black Bishop
03:59 Black Knight Capture White Bishop
04:13 Black Rook Capture White Pawn
04:21 White Bishop Capture Black Knight
04:28 Black Rook Capture White Knight
04:35 White Long Castling
04:49 Black is on Check
05:04 Black is on Check
05:11 Black Pawn Capture White Knight
05:18 White Pawn Capture Black Pawn / Black is on Check
05:33 White Rook Capture Black Knight / Black is on Check
05:40 Black Pawn Capture White Rook
05:47 Black is on Check
06:00 White Pawn Capture Black Pawn / Black is on Check / Checkmate

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#chess #chessgame #MagnusCarlsen #JonLudvigHammer

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