Learn The Castling Trap (Opening Trap Series)

Hello everyone! This is a trap from my video on the Stafford Gambit, which you can check out in the pinned comment!

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  1. There is nothing I like more than confidently wrong commenters

  2. What if they play d3 instead of castling

  3. After Bc5 a simple h3 kills the black attack

  4. The worst thing about this is I actually lost to this exact same trap

  5. Only weak players fall for this. Stafford Gambit is losing against strong players

  6. what if they. move pawn to E5? What then?

  7. Opponnents with ELO above 400 won't play like this

  8. Vert very good🎉🎉😂😂❤❤❤

  9. There is a pawn which can easily take on the knight when there is a check with knight backed up by the queen,

  10. This doesn't work because black wouldn't defend the pawn he'd just push and attack the knight

    Edit:Maybe it still works but I am not sure how

  11. -"If you could give me one week I'd list the reasons that why it wouldn't work."

  12. There is a low chance that the other player would actually capture the knight

  13. Concise explanation of popular Stafford. Thanks.

  14. Are we playing 400s I doubt this would still work.

  15. had this bullshit happen to me today 😭~1300 elo

  16. what if queen take Kg4 ?? boom you lose a knight?

  17. He could capture on f7too instead of Knight trade. Its more beneficial coz after king takes back it is unable to castle and White's wining

  18. What about pushing the pawn attacking the knight instead of defending the pawn, i always play it and i crush stafford gambit players i just wish that somebody plays it against me lol

  19. Why wouldn't they play pawn to g3, attacking the queen, and giving the King an escape route?

  20. No one plays that as black , I never seen anyone move a paun they push b paun

  21. What if they push the pawn to e5 instead of defending it that way

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