Learn the Ruy Lopez and Relax ♔ Chess Opening Tutorial ♔ ASMR

Learn the most important opening in chess. In this video I teach you the main line of the Ruy Lopez/Spanish opening in a beginner-friendly and relaxing way. I go over the basic strategy and some critical tactics of the opening and teach you the fundamentals on which it is built.

I also go over a recent controversy regarding the title of my last video and share my thoughts on how the channel is going.

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Thank you very much for being here!


  1. Let's go!! An ASMRChess video about my favorite go-to opening! I really like how it catches people off guard

  2. clickbait is fair game, don't worry about that, i thought the little joke was funny, I was provoked to watch the video and I was almost certain that it was actually clickbait and that you are not quitting, not all of your audience is too sensitive about that, keep going!

  3. thank u i prefere the italien so I never looked at this but i played it against it quite often so this is very helpfull

  4. Great content as always. Sending love from another side of the world! You have fans here in Taiwan too.

  5. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  6. I wish i was a millionaire so that i can give you the half of my wealth 💔💔💔

  7. Watching your videos is the best way to relax after a hectic work day! Love the content! Keep it up 🙂

  8. I think YouTube has figured out that I'll watch anything you make – so you're always on my feed. Love your stuff, mate.

  9. Can you do a video on the Dirty Sanchez next?

  10. 2:51 – kind of problems like when you put money in the middle of everything.

  11. It seems even YouTube channels can go through winter times.

    I wish you a beautiful spring and great summer after this hard period.

    I learned the Sicilian from you and fell in love with it, then studied d4 opening from you and now I’m liking this Lopez, especially the knight galloping behind the front lines 👌🏼

    Many thanks

  12. Love your work! Comment for the algorithm.
    Greetings from Germany:)
    Edit: one clickbaittitle idea:“With this opening YOU WILL NEVER LOSE A GAME OF CHESS“ 😄
    2nd edit: did you ever think about streaming on twitch? There u can gain money with donations and subs either:) i would give you my twitch Prime sub:)

  13. I grew from 700 to 1500 with your channel. Thank you ♥️

  14. Is this animation or real life view….

  15. You actually confused the open Ruy Lopez and the Berlin defense. In the berlin defense black does not play a6 on move 3 but Nf6 instead.

  16. Very nice chess set…where did you buy it sir? ❤❤❤

  17. i love opening videos like the queens gambit and sicillian defense

  18. Hi, I was wondering if I am allowed to listen to your videos while playing chess or that would be considered illegal?

  19. Comment for the algorithm. Keep up the good work!

  20. i watch your videos all the time i really hope more people tune in

  21. As someone also struggling with YouTube and regularly watches your videos, I have some ideas for you.
    1. Better thumbnails. I think you could do so much more with them.
    2. "Clickbait" titles for insane chess games. You can definitely use epic titles for legendary games.
    3. You could do a series showing only the chess moves of famous games, and spend a bunch of time animating the moves ect. These could be super short, highly engaging videos with music following into the short and snappy style that YouTube seems to promote nowadays. For example the "Einstein Vs Oppenheimer Real Chess Game" by ChessPage1 had 1 million views. You could do "Ron Weasley Sacrifices Himself In Chess" or "Sherlock Vs Moriarty Chess Battle Analyzed By A Chess Expert" These style titles would definitely get you views I believe.

    Just some of my ideas for you. I watch every one of your videos and have been a massive fan for a long time. I was actually working on a TV show and one of the makeup artists mentioned your channel out of the blue and we had a discussion about you. This was on Dr Who (if you know the show)

  22. May you explain the goals of each side in the midgame?:)

  23. So many comments! I hobe you feel the love, mr ASMRChess

  24. Dear ASMR Chess,

    Hello! You may see me comment once every blue moon (almost never), but I wanted to tell you that I have been watching your videos every night for the past three years to relax and fall asleep! I want to thank you so much for all of the hard work, dedication, and persistence you have for your craft and channel.

    I have taken some time to think about any sort of helpful information you may or may not already know about! Also, my heart did sink with the last video title! Haha.

    Of course the algorithm is very much effecting your videos, but the quality of your videos has only continued to increase. Personally, I would say that you don't need "clickbait", you just need interesting and relative titles and thumbnails that accurately advertise in an exciting and interesting way what your video is about!

    I would like to note the following:

    Top Performing videos-

    -Typically either educational videos, particularly openings, or you playing chess yourself
    -It appears length of the videos is not particularly relevant
    -You tend to have not an over the top ASMR voice, your voice speaks for itself and is very relaxing, conversational almost, like your talking to a friend. I think when you imagine yourself talking to a friend it really connects with the audience in a personal way through the video, instead of trying to be ASMRy (I hope that makes sense, haha)
    -Quite a bit of the high viewed videos were at the "peak" of the chess craze or boom. I believe there is still a push in chess, but it isn't as rapid as it was between 2020-2022 (so give yourself some breath for the recently lower view count…algorithm and general chess interest)
    [For instance, look at GothamChess's most popular videos, almost all of them are 1-3 years ago. His last 20 videos have an average of 323k views and he has 4.6 million subscribers (7%); your last 20 videos have an average of 25k views with 155k subscribers (16%)! Your view count relative to your subscribers is actually 9% higher than GothamChess!!!]

    Perhaps you already knew this information, perhaps not, but I just wanted to attempt to be helpful in any way that I can!

    Also, I really think promoting your patron is a great idea. Let's say you have currently, 30,000 faithful, every night type of views, if we can rally together to give $1 every month, even just 10,000 of us, You would most likely be able to pursue this full time which is a dream I hope every night you come to realize and I get to be apart of. Even if we can just get you to $1,000 every month, your rent would be paid for. Maybe vocalize and set a goal stating that combined with income from YouTube and $X amount from patron I could pursue ASMR Chess full time. Be transparent and authentic like you always have and maybe it will start a rally for you! Cheering you on as always and thank you so much for everything you do. I am rooting for your dream!

    Much Love,

  25. i just wanted to comment to say that you are doing amazing job with your channel and that results may not show now but they surely will in the close fututre, keep going strong

  26. I'm new to this channel. I hope you're able to continue making these calming chess videos. They're a great change of pace in my day.

  27. Sucks to hear that youre going through rough times. Hope things work out for you ❤

  28. Have been loving the vids man😊 keep it up. Hope things will go better❤

  29. Haha using the Sicilian video “script” a good idea especially when views are low been watching the channel for a few years now, keep up the good work. Also unrelatedly my rating in those years has increased by 1800 points. Enjoy the content man!

  30. I love your videos mate, and really appreciate all the effort you put into making them. Hope the youtube game sorts itself out, feels so random and unfair that great content like yours is at the mercy of the algorithm. Hope you can find satisfaction though in the knowledge that your videos ARE a force for good in the world, and a source of comfort and enjoyment for many (myself included).

    I’ll be continuing to watch no matter what the future holds for you and the channel! Cheers

  31. Algorithm comment. You make excellent quality videos and it's a shame that most of the good stuff doesn't get favored by YouTube. These are the days of YouTube Shorts, unfortunately. Wishing you the best in your efforts to keep the channel feasible and profitable.

  32. FINALLY the ruy Lopez I’ve been waiting for a video on it from you for so so long

  33. Please whisper please please please. Your whisper with chess isss soo good

  34. What kind of chess set do you use? this is a really nice wooden set you have there.

  35. Hey ASMR Chess sorry to hear about that chess channel this is truly a great channel and I may sound crazy but it’s worth a shot but have you thought about any of these ideas

    1. Branching out other than chess different strategic games similar to it

    2. Making documentary styled videos on chess and historical facts on people or the game within itself (or anything you want)

    3. Make up crazy challenges while playing chess like for example (playing chess with no pawns or when instead of when a enemy is eliminated you add em to the opposing team)

    I’m not sure these could all be things you’ve thought about already and I apologize if it is. Either way I’m here to support and we will try our best to give you the algorithm you deserve.

  36. Best ASMR Channel there is! It's so great to see the support in the comments you get, you deserve it!

  37. the people that didn't like forgot before they were asleep

  38. I love this opening so much!! I know the channel is going through a tough time but I have no doubt whatsoever that it will prove to be a passing thing, and I wish you all the best

  39. Awesome. I love you opening videos! I learn so much from them. You have a very good way of explaining chess concepts

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