LEGO Viking Village Review

Here’s my review of the LEGO Ideas 21343 Viking Village set, a surprising set in many ways, but not perfect in some others…

Thank you LEGO for sending this over for review, views and opinions are my own.

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  1. I disagree with your opinion at the end. You want Lego to do more of the same, instead of doing something new, because you have the opinion that it probably won't sell much?

  2. Where does it cost 130 dollars? In Lego's own shop it costs over 170 euros.

  3. I see people question the nostalgia value of such a Viking set, and I know I can't speak for everyone but as I am in my mid 20s, I got into LEGO around the time of the original LEGO Vikings line and I do indeed feel a resemblance of nostalgia to these recent Viking sets. Especially those serpent prints as they are a direct reference to the old insignia printed onto the old Viking ship sail. I also have quite a number of friends who are into how to train your dragon who always wanted a lego Viking line lmao. I do appreciate LEGO thinking of every age demographic when making nostalgia sets and not just thinking about the older fans, as they are not the only fans of LEGO. A lot of people have grown up with LEGO and it is pretty selfish for older fans to complain about this set as they had just gotten a few excellent remakes from the Classic era :).

  4. It's an awesome looking set! If I had somewhere to put it, I'd snag it. Love the detail of Mjolnir being printed….would be cool to see on future Thor releases.

  5. A few corrections, the Mjolnir hammer element has been printed before, and the Runestone is not a reference to the creator Viking ship but the original one from the original Vikings theme.

  6. This was not the first time mjolnir was printed. I have a printed mjolmir piece. It is official

  7. I believe that this being picked already proves a testament to how much confidence they have in the set. the Viking sub-theme was a bold one that was quite well liked for the monster builds in particular. I do think that having this village without even some kind of small rebuilds like the wyvern or fenrir smaller packs makes it feel a bit 'bland' as far as a playset goes. But the price, the techniques, and just the sheer novelty of it all will definitely propel this set up, even for people that don't fondly recall the Vikings subline. Your candor and professional background on the set is always appreciated, and the fact you're able to cover both pros and cons in your eyes is a huge help when it comes to these reviews. Thank you as always, Tiago!

  8. I don't remember what series, but the mjolnir mold has definitely been printed before with a cmf dwarf

  9. Lego should make this as a lineup again . Not only ideas

  10. love the set! you are right though a little empty, but of course a simple fix is to get more figures separate from the set.

  11. I'm too young to feel nostalgic for the Viking theme but this still seems like a great set to me!

  12. for that price I'm actually considering buying it

  13. To me Top 5 liking set of 2023 (Indy Temple, Rivendell, Hogwarts, Village, Eldorado, MK Hideout). Like this better then Eldorado, because of that standard / weakprinted m-figs.
    Top 5 quality set: Village (pieces, prints, builds) , Temple (bulid, functions), Hogwarts (build, prints), Botanical (build, parts), A-Frame, maybe Concorde?)

  14. The lego vikings theme was one of my absolute favourites, the mix of brick built/technic and bionicle parts was extremely cool. I wish it was continued for longer! This set feels like a nice nod to that theme, and I think it will do very well, especially being reasonably priced in todays price ranges.

  15. 2:11 it is a reference to an old viking theme not the creator set

  16. I really hope we don't have to rely on nostalgia at every turn, or else it will be just the same stuff released over and over. I really love this set and if the selling point is the only flaw, then count me IN

  17. Can't wait to work on a vikings moc, using this and the 3in1 vikings ship.

  18. It’s a cool Lego set though. I’m not a big Viking person but I love the look of it and the price so I’ll probably pick it up anyway.

  19. Congrats to our US fellas with $130 price tag, but it is 140 euros here 🙁

  20. This is the closest we’ll get to a Lego Skyrim set. I think they did great and did so with pricing too

  21. Vikings? Nostalgic? Yes!!
    Well, at least I felt some nostalgia looking at this set 😅… somewhat embarrassingly, for the Beowulf episode of Star Trek TNG and a couple of specific locations in Skyrim, though…
    We see so many indirect references to Vikings and Norse mythology these days, it’s nice to have something that’s just… Vikings

    … not that my wallet can take any more of a beating after having already bought so many great sets this summer, though…

  22. Probably one of my favourite sets to date. Price, look, exclusive etc. Unreal.

  23. I prefere A LOT this set than remaking set that i already had when i was young, these remake are great but still look blocky, this village looks amazing

  24. Lego blacksmith? They were definitely lacking in blacksmiths ….

    Thank you Slobodan Milosevic

  25. Only $130, definitely buying it. I have the viking ship so it will look good with that.

  26. The "Mjölnir" element was printed before with a dwarf cmf

  27. I can't think of many things with more mass appeal than just 'vikings'. We get sets that are adult aimed display helmets that featured in Star Wars for under 4 mins of screen time but vikings are niche… cannot follow the logic.

  28. Vikings for me are part of the Castles theme. Baffles me how many people don't realise that castle and vikings are from the exact same era. For me vikings are a brand New castle faction.

  29. 130$?! Damn, I wish I still had the time and the will to build lego sets anymore. I’d love this set

  30. I'd love this for display. If only I had the space…

  31. The third figure's hair piece was used on Makkari (in black) on the Eternals sets

  32. Hey guys what do you think about this set? Let me know in the comments below.

  33. I don't get your complains, this set is perfect, and not all sets have to be nostalgic to 30 year olds to be successfull, this set is great both as a toy to children and as a display element for new and young lego collectors

  34. I believe the female hair is a blonde version of Fennec Shand from Star Wars?

  35. Tiago, you should really look up the 2000s era. As a reviewer you should at least google first! The 05-06 Vikings theme is referenced all over the place here. And those sets are SUPER expensive due to demand

  36. If I saw this at Walmart I'd get 2! I've never bought anything online before, this Deal might have me doing that or maybe a 2 hour drive to the closet Lego Store??

  37. i am surprised that you have absolutely no knowledge about the first Lego viking sets from 2005, this set has a lot of references to those early sets so it can even be credited to being a nostalgia set. Some research for future videos might be appropriate

  38. I love the Vikings theme, already pre ordered this set! It goes well with the ship that can bring back spoils and trade items to the port! Now my Vikings will have a base of operations! I would like to see some children or some non warrior type characters in the set, after all Vikings don’t just spring out of the earth, right? Really excited about this one.

  39. That hair piece is also used in Star Wars for fennec shand, but in a different colour

  40. My kids love how to train your dragon. This would have been perfect

  41. I think the serpent prints are a clear reference to the lego vikings theme set 7018 (print of the sail)

  42. this does seem like the viking equivalent of the 3 in 1 castle. detachable subsections and all

  43. Fwels weird to compare an ideas set to two non-ideas sets and say it wont sell because its not nostalgic. LEGO can move units just by slapping their name on a box at this point. Viking village will do fine

  44. I think the low price is because of the huge number of small parts included in the build. For 2100 parts you something quite substantial and yet you probably use half of them just building the base. The buildings seem quite small inside, which is something regular for Lego these days. Nevertheless, I am pretty happy with the number of printed pieces included.

  45. I mean if you can get this for like 90-100$ in stores this would actually be a good value. Not just okay for Lego prices but generally a good deal

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