LEGO Viking Village Review

Here’s my review of the LEGO Ideas 21343 Viking Village set, a surprising set in many ways, but not perfect in some others…

Thank you LEGO for sending this over for review, views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Who cares about nostalgia when it's priced like 60% of what some sets with the same piece count cost.

  2. I would have loved to have seen Lego take on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Plenty of fan made stuff out there and I think this will make a great addition 😅

  3. I don't really like the colors they chose for the village, they used too many different shades of brown and it looks messy, like a moc made of spare parts. Everything else to me looks good, like the shaping and build techniques.

  4. This review feels like sour grapes to me.

  5. The fact it come apart makes me want to build a whole village

  6. I believe that everyone is shocked with price tag 😅

  7. A printed Hammer also appeared in a CMF alongside a dwarf

  8. There are horns on their helmets! From a DANISH company!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

  9. My biggest concern are the reddish brown pieces. If they get brittle in some years the whole village will fall part. Or are the quality issues sorted out?

  10. The lacking in minifigures, serpent flourish references and US 130 price point is screaming for the viking ship to be bought as an accompaniment set. I suspect the viking ship 3 in 1 didn't sell as well as it should so this set presents a second chance to boost sales.

    The low price point for this set is probably an attempt to cultivate new viking fans given the number years since the series last released.

  11. Personally I don’t really care much for the minifigs so if that means I get more Lego and less figs for the same price I’m in 🙂

  12. The hammer part came with prints in the CMF dwarf

  13. Set looks great and the price is amazing, definitely would have been great to have the set in 2 pieces and 2-4 more minifigs but those are minor things, still great

  14. Your and Austrianbrickfan's reviews of this set have very similar video previews, that's a little funny.

  15. The hair piece is also used (in black) for fennec shand in the very crap set 75326 bobba fetts throne room. Do i win a prize? 🙂

  16. Nostalgia can be fun but there's more to life than living in the past. This set is well priced, detailed, functional and looks great. Sets like this will be the nostalgia bait of the next generation.

  17. I already see lots of mocs combining 2 or 3 of this set. Kinda like medieval castle ond

  18. An awesome video as always, Thiago. But I would have to disagree with this not being a good seller. I think it looks amazing, is great value and I believe generally Vikings are considered to be quite a cool and interesting topic. So I do think this will sell very well indeed. I hope I'm right in that because it might encourage Lego to sell more sets at a lower price point such as this. An extra mining or two wouldn't have gone amiss though, for sure.

  19. Wasn't Target proposing some old Ideas sets as Target Exclusive and the fans voted for this one? Lego didn't make the choice on their own.

  20. I like that it has no stickers. I wish more adult sets would have more or all printed parts.

  21. the 4 minifigs assumes you have the viking ship also

  22. Everyone who buy this will also buy the longship since the set looks incomplete without it so its a win for LEGO anyway ;D

  23. I really like the look of this set and it's on my list to eventually get

  24. As a Polish person you already know what I'm doing with the flag at 4:24

  25. The nostalgia hit you gave me when flashing the pirates, castle and space sets in quick succession at the end of the video was immense. And proves you point!

  26. Are you going to review hachiroku24's own Ideas set, the Insect Collection?

  27. Agree with the "empty" village vibe! Could've done with a few animals, birds, dogs or even some livestock just to make it feel more alive! Great set otherwise and it's definitely going on my wishlist! 🤩

  28. Thank you again for the great review! Love it that your videos are not unnecessarily long 😊

  29. I haven't looked forward to a set this much since the Lion Knight's Castle, I think it will be great. Also us Castle/medieval LEGO fans don't get much these days, so I hope this does well enough. I'll certainly get a set to help!

  30. I guess the Vikings brought pumpkins back from North America. It's plausible, anyway.

  31. I find the criticism that this set won’t sell because it’s not nostalgic to be a bit strange, because as a consumer- why do I care whether it’s niche or not? Seems like you’re still thinking like an employee and have notes for LEGO. 😄 As for me, I think the theme looks awesome, and 4 minifigs is plenty for 3.5 buildings and a good price. As a fledgling MOC builder, I also just want these parts!

  32. As Vikings are deeply rooted in Danish culture, I think this is a great set. But for pity sake please drop the ridiculous horns!!! I don’t care if it’s fantasy! I mean they get the shields right, the armour is pretty spot on, even the decorations around the village are near perfect! But why the horns 😂😂

  33. The only bad thing about this. It is only one set out of this theming. There could be a hole Viking theme again and kids would love them. ❤
    Lego do need licenses!

  34. I hate that the long house is so tiny. Historically , people slept in there, and the chieftain's family would have a private room in the back. Here, the room is so cramped the bench does not have proper size, and there's not even a table. But we get two watch towers and a bridge!

  35. It’s funny you have way more positives about this set than negatives. Yet, your whole review is set up as it being a letdown and you not liking it 🤔

  36. I’ll definitely be buying this when the Majisto gwp is out in November!

  37. The Mjolnir piece has been printed before, a printed Mjolnir piece came with a short Viking minifigure from the collectable minifigure series 17.

  38. Fdx ó Rui, can you please show a little, juuust a lit bit more enthusiasm?! Your voice doesn't sound so good as in the beggining :/ Regarding nostalgia, my dark ages started in 1982 and to me, this set of course isn't the best ever, BUT on this day and age, for what you get…. this price is UNBELIEVABLE!! Finally you heard the customers, LEGO, FINALLY!

  39. This set blows me away at $130!!!!!!! DEFINITELY a pickup for me.

  40. I already have 30 minifigs ready and most likely will grab another 60 before this set is released. So if anything, this set is a bit too small. But I realize I’m in the minority.

  41. I think this set is fantastic specially for the price.

  42. Wow! That is an amazing price. I might have to get it just because of that. lol

  43. The Mjolnir hammer was actually printed at least once before with a razorback pig from the Minifigure dwarf from series 17. The dwarf had it in a Pearl Dark Grey, but the BAM towers at LBR Stores actually also had the same printing except on a light blueish grey Mjolnir element

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