My FAVORITE Chess Openings by Rating

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I get many questions about chess openings for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level players. In this video I share what openings I think work best across the rating ladder. London, Stonewall, Sicilian, Caro Kann, and many others are featured.

0:00 Intro
13:29 FOR ADVANCED (LIKE 1800+)

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  1. Was expecting the Rousseau to appear somewhere – you seemed to really like that one in the vid on it.

  2. I like what you said at the end about figuring out if you enjoy the opening.
    I had to learn that with the KID. I'm a 600 player and was looking for a setup-based opening to get me a solid stance in the middle game, so the KID seemed like the right choice. The problem is, I hate the games that opening creates. Win or lose, half the game feels claustrophobic, they all seem repetitive, and I don't like having to worry about the light-squared bishop sliding in to eat my lunch. I switched to the Sicilian Dragon and later to Karo Kan (by your recommendation in other videos) and have been much happier ever since. You tricked me into studying theory! 😩

    In all seriousness, thanks for another great video. I'm enrolled in both your beginner and intermediate courses and have been enjoying them a lot. I've picked up chess a few times but never stuck with it because I was afraid of studying theory. Your YouTube videos got me over that fear, and your courses gave me a great avenue to pursue once I got serious. I'm really enjoying the game now, and the only difference between this and all the times I dropped it in the past has been your content.

  3. i’m so confused how 1200 is only intermit diet everyone at my school plays and there’s one person over 1000 i’m pretty high up at 600 and people think we are very good i understand to good players i may suck but compared to the majority of the chess population j think i’m good

  4. The london: Beginner opening with white
    Also the london: played by Ding Liren in the world championship

  5. Make a vid on anti anti london system

  6. Ty now i went from 400 elo to 600 in 2 hours

  7. I play the slaw defense and diemer gambit aginst the karo cann

  8. It works but I just blunder my queen in the first 20 moves

  9. I’ve always thought in the King’s Indian that the light-squared bishop is supposed to stay home until the middle/endgame because it’s critical for the black attack. I’m also just over 700 ELO, so I’m probably missing something. Can someone help me out?

  10. I can do these moves just fine but after the next few moves these "beginners" (800) still end up screwing me up somehow. Thought you said 1100s are the beginners, how are these guys fucking me so hard it's riling me up man

  11. Yea this is all fine and dandy but your opponent isn’t playing into these openings

  12. i won 6 games in a row and one draw because of this video thank you

  13. Playing the vienna gambit at the 600 level is like bringing a sword to a knife fight

  14. Great tutorial 👍👍👏👏👏

  15. Just watched this video and tried it… I WON, thanks champ

  16. can you do one on the Halloween gambit my fav opening 🙂

  17. I got to 1800 playing Italian on white and mostly Stafford on black but I struggle really hard to advance to 2000…

  18. My defense systems are so strong that they even block my other pieces to develop smh

  19. “You avoid all 3-4 move checkmate”
    Holy shit he found my problem playing black 😂😂

  20. At 5:07, if White moves pawn to e5, what is Black's best response?

  21. Once i used the wayward queen attack and my openent used bongcloud i was litterally laughing when he got checkmate in second move lol

  22. I'm 1000 elo I played the Catalan immediately after watching this video. I fookin crushed him lmao

  23. Thanks Levy.I played the King's Indian for the first time and forked the queen and rook so they resigned.Keep posting more.

  24. My personal favourite is the King's Indian Defense. There's many ways to use it, the opening creates a great defense for your King, and it's overall just a great setup to play off of.

  25. Hi levy! Thanks for this informative video on opening ! Btw ! Could you plz say about saragossa opening ! Plzzzzz

  26. Those Openings are really Good, Levy really explained those well ♟️

  27. I’m 1200-1400 (depending on how much I play) and for black I use the Pirc, you can play it into almost any white opening, it’s great to learn!

  28. 3:21 “people will melt” We are not smowmen-melted skin and melted flesh drips off

  29. Why recommend King's Indian for beginners? It is like one of the most theoretical openings, breaks at least a couple of principles and isn't even good

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