NO CASTLE SPEEDRUN | Episode 7 (1900-2000)

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  1. I wait eagerly every week for this series, thanks man.

  2. I’m always shocked watching how bad my rating fares. It looks so easy and yet…here I am.

  3. “And now we’re gonna wait for our opponent to queenside castle” so fucking funny when he actually did it 💀

  4. This video is really extraordinary. I am deeply grateful to you!👀

  5. Your content helped me a lot, I want to say thank you very much!👌

  6. I love watching 1800's play like they're 1000 points below their rating

  7. God I hate rage stalling. What is the point?

  8. 9:20 I'm happy I found Ne4 here (1600 rated in Lichess Rapid). Engine likes it a bit better than his opponents Qb2

  9. Rage stalling should be a 1 day suspension from the site, no warnings

  10. 10:0016:00 Around 6 minutes of this song, yet I didn't find it with Shazam. Someone help please?

  11. Do a random move speedrun. Where every other move or 3 moves a wheel decides what piece you need to move.

  12. is he playing subscribers or just random pool ?

  13. Everytime when Eric asks "Do you wanna trade queens?" this reminds me of Towelie asking "Do you wanna get high?"

  14. I think casting manually ruins it. No castle speed run should mean your castle stays in the middle

  15. Much love for fast forwarding through the abandoned game.

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