No-Castling Chess Done Right


– No Castling, Kings start on the first and last square on the board.
– Remaining pieces are placed randomly in a point symmetric setup.

That resolves to 360 possible start positions.

Replay and analyze the game:

The multiPV evaluation setting::

Good for “humanizing” the of engine style games by simulating the average centipawn loss of a certain player class while maintaining a high game game quality on superhuman level.

Example for the setting:

1: 9, 50, 2: 7, 40

Identify the nine best moves using the multiPV value for the current move and accepts a centipawn loss of 50 when choosing randomly one amongst them for the first move. For the second move change the values to 7, 40 and keep them for the following moves until new specifications are made.

This use of the multiPV feature was developed for a private engine management cloud software and is currently not publicly available. If you are interested, feel free to contact me:

[email protected]

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