Praggnanandhaa vs Raunak Sadhwani | No Castling Chess Semi-finals game 2

Pragg was 0-1 down in the match against Raunak Sadhwani in the semi-finals of the first ever no castling chess tournament. He fought as hard as he could in game two. Was he able to make a comeback or did he succumb to another loss. Find out in the video.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Feels like they both jealous of each other like they have fighting spirit toward each other see how Raunak is so happy after the game

  2. no castling is a different kettle of fish, classical skills are good for nothing

  3. Bringing king to the center…???? Why??? Its like suicide…

  4. Que pasa todo bien todo correcto y yo que me a legro

  5. Have side board so we can see the game clearly

  6. Which is the best chess app for learning????

  7. Prag is very good play open game and diffrant

  8. It's funny how grandmasters use a ordinary chess made of polythene, whereas I bought a wooden chessboard…
    My elo level is 800😄

  9. Popularity means nothing for raunak. The future of India is clear ✌️

  10. Why do I feel like Pragg got weaker that before 🤧🤧

  11. Praggnanandha looks like Kawhi Leonard.And his opponent looks like Faze Rug.😂

  12. At this age I was trying to balance switch button between on and off

  13. 13:12 whts this behaviour sadhwani?
    U may be a good chess player but first learn to behave!!! And be kind to chess players.
    Also in the starting ,whats ur behaviour pragnanndha what the hell!!
    Do you think settling settled pieces is more imp than a hand shake?
    Both jealous of each other.

  14. El Pragg es muy bueno en partidas Blitz, pero en clásicas lo joden.

  15. Pragg was rude both games, glad he lost.

  16. 4:00
    There is always a guy who drops his metal bottle in the middle of silence.🤣

  17. Sir district level per win karne per kya milta hai ??

  18. Raunak has so irritating personality on the chessboard

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