Punish Your Opponent for not Castling!|Chess Basics

Punish Your Opponent for not Castling!|Chess Basics
In this video I teach everyone how to punish your opponent for not castling. Often players wonder why should they castle, or how do they punish someone who does not castle. This video aims to once and for all teach everyone how you win quickly if your opponent castles.


  1. All u did was reconfirm the fact that castling is a bad idea. Ur wrong. He didnt mess up until he castled. I love when people castle against me. Its so easy to get to the king. Hes trapped

  2. I'm very new to chess but how is it that 1:54 will mean you're most likely to checkmate? What if he moves his king to h7?

  3. Why does this channel have so less followers? That was great content man. With your help, I finally entered three digits rating.

  4. Why can’t you punish white for not castling chess is racist

  5. I hate castaling king side I like catling queen side

  6. Instructive chess …carry on, thanks.

  7. Can you make a video on how to study and learn an opening for beginners.

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