Push Only Pawns And Win A Chess Game

In this historic chess game Emil Joseph Diemer played as white and he broke every single chess opening principle. He completely abandoned development of his pieces and just pushed pawns until the18th move.
He still managed to win this chess game by suffocating black’s position. This game is one of the reasons why we love chess.

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  1. Genius game for white! It would be interesting to see what would happen if black only moved pawns as well.

  2. I didn't understood the reason behind his moves but it seems interesting 😂

  3. what a nice game between Dwight and Van de Blac

  4. A friend of mine does this and surprisingly keeps beating me. I need to find away on how to counter this cause wtf

  5. As far as formatting goes, you should position the portraits of the player in relation to their position on the board. Or otherwise color code them. Emil’s portrait should be on the white side of the board or otherwise marked White

  6. I also play chess in this manner, whether with white or black. It is even effective against top computer levels, if you are ready for a few sacrifices.

  7. Players forget the power of pawns. Even the opponents pawns can be used to block what she/he wanted.

  8. How is it against every chess principle? White gains center control with pawns. He seizes space and constricts Black's pieces, even forcing reverse development of Black's bishop.

  9. I'm unclear why black gave up. Could you explain why it was pointless for black to play further?

  10. Might as well call this "bishop is manager, horse is general manager; queen, king and castle are general executives"

  11. Why didn't black stop the pass pawn with rook?

  12. Diemer just needed that "Play only pawns for 15 turns and win the game" achievement

  13. i sometimes get a game where the other player plays this kind of opening, hippopotamus defence has its lines, probably playable under gm level this is a variation that works well vs modern & indian defences , it is tricky to play against because there's no theory it forces you to calculate every move and probably the player playing this has more experience in this kind of games.

  14. there was a pin by the horse by black

  15. I love that the B2 pawn never moved the whole game

  16. my man started with endgames and ended with openings

  17. This guy just beat me badly several times but just put all pawns 5 in lines and attack my kings side. I was so puzzled and was smoked in no time.

  18. at like 7:18 why didn't black king take the white knight instead?

  19. I gave a game I played that has 16 captures in a row ending in a stalemate and shortest stalemate in the world. I hope you could see it.

  20. The worst game in the world. 😂😂😂😂 ridiculous.

  21. I would've snatched up that hanging pawn on move 8 in about 0.1 seconds, but what do I know?

  22. By 10th or 11th move the opponent must have freaked out!!

  23. Wish chess, not gonna work, but nice phantasy

  24. Like to overwhelm opponent with nasty pawns. And a lot more pawns.
    And pawns.
    Call this Avalanche (if I am white)
    or Ash of Vesuv.
    Main plan is: myself has Fun 😉

  25. lol the problem is any opponent in this world follows those type of black moves 😂😂😂😂😂 u have created ur own game and projecting those names 😂😂😂 for ur channel promotion 😂

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