Queen’s Gambit Declined: Lecture by GM Ben Finegold

This lecture was recored on October 9, 2023 in Roswell, Georgia. Thank you to Alec Quinn for sponsoring this lecture!!

If you’re interested in sponsoring a lecture of your choice, email Karen at [email protected]

04:37 Aleksandr Lenderman vs Fabiano Caruana, US Championship 2016
23:59 Ivan Ivanišević vs Vladimir Kramnik, Berlin 2015
34:26 Artyom Timofeev vs Leinier Domínguez, Moscow 2019
41:31 Veselin Topalov vs Viswanathan Anand, Nanjing 2010

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  1. Lecture: Queen's Gambit Declined"Read the Wikipedia article.""Thank you for watching my youtube video. Make sure to click and subscribe."

  2. 24:16 I knew you wouldn't want to leave us hanging, so I dug up the PGN… you wood-a-won except for the Botez Gambit at the end.[Event "21st Chicago Open"][Site "Wheeling USA"][Date "2012.05.28"][EventDate "?"][Round "9"][Result "0-1"][White "Benjamin Finegold"][Black "Ivan Ivanisevic"][ECO "D13"][WhiteElo "2494"][BlackElo "2655"][PlyCount "62"]1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 d5 3. c4 c6 4. cxd5 cxd5 5. Nc3 Nc6 6. Bf4 a6 7. e3 Bg4 8. Be2 Bxf3 9. Bxf3 e6 10. O-O Bd6 11. Bxd6 Qxd6 12. Rc1 O-O 13. Na4 e5 14. dxe5 Nxe5 15. Nc3 Rad8 16. Be2 Nc6 17. Qd3 d4 18. exd4 Nxd4 19. Bd1 Rfe8 20. Qg3 Qb4 21. Rb1 Qc4 22. Bf3 b5 23. Rbc1 h6 24. b3 Qb4 25. Nd1 Ne4 26. Qc7 Nd2 27. Ne3 Nxf1 28. Rxf1 Qd2 29. Rd1 Qxa2 30. Bd5 Rxd5 31. Nxd5 Qd2 0-1

  3. 33:10 Your job is to stop Ra1. Ivanisevic is better than us, so he resigned. He stopped it. LOL

  4. I had to ask the tournament director if en passant could be played in that scenario (pawn on the 6th rank vs a 2 rank pawn push). I was rated 1806. He wouldn't tell me. He said he's not allowed to give me advice. I was allowed to look through the rule book though. Luckily some nice bystander opened a rule book to the en passant page and it was clear. This was in an 1800+ section, so I was paired against an IM the first game… Yeah, not a good look and the tournament director was not nice about it. He was extremely condescending.

  5. "He surely didn't crush me. My therapist said I should talk about this more." 😭

  6. This is not for me, i never decline to watch a series less then 8 times

  7. I have a little chess booklet that I got with a mini chess set that I bought many years ago from a school book orders catalog. It has a little section about openings and it has a page about the Queen’s Gambit. But for some reason, it shows and lists the moves for the QGD Marshall Defense. Weird right?

  8. Thank you Alec Quinn! This is my favorite Finegold teaching format.

  9. Also ben..look up TIA transient Ischemic attack…please.

  10. Even this won't save my gameplay, because I'm terrible and always will be, but I can watch it anyway.

  11. Your videos are very instructive if only more youtubers give such information for free like you 😅

  12. Thanks Ben, this is exactly what I wanted! Great content per usual!

  13. Out of all the chess lectures I've ever watched, this is one of them.

  14. Obviously, Agincourt is place (Henry V, Shakespeare, etc.) of battle where the French were beaten silly and therefore retreated…

  15. I play for mate every time and lose a lot. Lol

  16. Your time at the gym is definitely paying off. Look good Benji. Looking real good.

  17. "Cheating is a man's gift to himself" 😆I always enjoy Ben's sayings.

  18. I think the QGD is frankly terrible for mediocre players. Black stands passively and white often gets this free pawn storm on the kingside which Caruana can easily defend. But I as a frankly terrible player want to be that guy pushing those pawns and only thinking about my next lunch.

  19. When my opponent plays 1d4, I usually just resign. But i'll watch the video anyway.

  20. Ben Finegold is Bob Ross for chess 👨‍🎨

  21. Ben…please get an MRI on left brain. U may be too smart for our own good..

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