Rolling Sky – Chess Fortress [OFFICIAL]

Rolling Sky – Chess Fortress [OFFICIAL] | 100% Complete, all gems and crowns by Tuan Nguyen.

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  1. They went really serious with this one 😅

    But anyways, it was about time we had a 100th level on this game, and it's become one of my favorites 🎉

  2. This level's bonus will probably be called The Fate

  3. i like this level and my mom doesent goive me my phone bc i got blind eyes

  4. December last year
    RS: Re-update DL: Re-update
    RS: Post Elven Town! ! ! !
    DL: Might have to wait a little longer…..
    February this year
    RS: Release Jade Rabbit Jade Rabbit ! ! ! !
    DL: There might be a delay…
    At the end of March this year
    RS: Temple fair! ! Tsunami! ! cave! ! Three kills! !
    DL: Uh…
    At the end of April this year
    RS: Chaos! ! Successful person ! ! Second kill ! !
    DL: wait you are too fast
    June this year
    RS: Horizon Cruise, Seven Years Dream, Virtual Future Network!
    DL: Hmmm…
    July this year
    RS: Finally broke through the achievement of level 100
    DL: Clam! ?
    Summary: When will Dancing Line release new levels?

  5. next stop is releasing the hc bonus of rs aka bonus 41

  6. Wide-screen of back than nguyen and bouncing ability is finally back this reminds me of poker

  7. I swear this guy makes getting the gems look so easy

  8. Is this Rolling Universe or an Official Rolling sky level?

  9. I like it!! I Want Disco or Retro Vibes Level in Rs too!

  10. After 7 years rolling sky has reached its 100th level this is truly a W moment

  11. I guess newgrounds is etched into the fabric of rs music

  12. When is this level gonna come out

  13. This is by far one of my favorite levels I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!! what a great 100th level! I feel like a grandpa!

  14. Is it me or rolling sky levels are getting better and HARDER

  15. Poker: Wow! You look amazing! Who are you?
    Chess Fortress: A better version of you.
    Joker: Hi Dad! Who is this guy?
    Poker: Chess Fortress. He is soooooo cool!!!
    Chess Fortress: That is me! Dont wear it out! Im Better than everybody! 😍😎😏

  16. There are not 100 lv in the game because alan walker lv were removed 😢

  17. I just realized that they deleted the holiday levels.

  18. The level for some reason feels nostalgic than new it's like a level came between late 2017 – mid 2018

  19. I love this game so much but sometimes it’s hard

  20. Moving objects at background are back 😀😀😀

  21. xu hướng đi phải trong rs hầu hết người vn =)))

  22. The music reminds me of the Family Guy theme from some reason… XD

  23. i hope in the bonus round they put in poker and cits that would be awesome

  24. Wow It's a combination of castle in the sky and poker

  25. Sao anh ko chơi DANGCING LINE nữa ạ 🙁

  26. bruh no way they’re trying to convince me this is harder than relics and reggae—this level is super easy; i wouldnt even say its harder than delicacy temptation! this should def be a 4 star.

  27. this is crazy but years ago i thought of level 100 being a chess level that has a black and white theme and i did not expect this to actually happen, just in a different color theme.

    also i love the combination with the yellow power up from poker and the cyan power up from 1 up

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