Should We Always Castle? | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

International Master Dorsa Derakhshani talks about situations where one should not castle. See games from the world’s best that break the time-honored rule.

Magnus Carlsen vs Wang Yue, M-Tel Masters (2009): D15 Queen’s Gambit Declined Slav, 4.Nc3


  1. Loved this!
    Is great to see just one game in depth rather than a bunch of superficial ones. Especially good to see a more complex topic like "when not to castle". Something that's more advanced than just "passed pawns are good"kinda stuff.
    I'm never actually around to see the live stream, so I don't get to ask questions. That's the only bad part.

    The early suggestion by a viewer to play g5 made me curious whether black could get any play with (instead of c5) Bb4 a3 g5 Bxg5 Ne4. I thought that was what the commenter was suggesting but then she didn't look at that. So I kinda wish I had been there to ask about it

  2. Just. Breathe. You're doing great. Great content. Relax 😎

  3. Why are you all say she should breathe?

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