Stopping Early Queen Attacks In Chess

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In chess openings, beginners often struggle with early queen moves. This can lead to the Scholars Mate or other traps involving tactics that lead to losing material. In this video, I hope to show the Wayward Queen Attack and other opening garbage that you can defeat and not worry about anymore.

0:00 Intro
8:15 GAME 1 vs. 810
12:56 GAME 2 vs. 767
22:02 GAME 3 vs. 1100

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  1. e4
    And them I won by resignation 😂😂

  2. Just want to thank you for this video and all of your content. I watched this a week or so ago, and just played an opening to a game where I actually felt like I knew what I was doing!

  3. Honestly, just watching you play chess and narrate your decision making process has helped me more than anything I've done, by a wide margin. Having only started playing seriously a few weeks ago, it's helping me develop my own internal monologue about how to strategize. Thank you!

  4. Just sprinkled me with all kinds of nuggets 😂🎉♟♟♟

  5. This is childish and baby-level grade two-level chess, Grow up man

  6. Why am I watching this as a 1200 who already knows how to counter this

  7. Didn't watch this when it was originally recommended.

    You can guess why I'm here

  8. Your analysis and guidance is good but it will better of you could aside dialogue from your screen

  9. nelson aint shit compared to artemicia, that bitch always brings out her queen.

  10. I love the wayward queen attack, I think it's much better than scholar's mate and harder to defend against for noobs. Whenever I'm playing against my mom in chess, she'd unintentionally ruin my scholars mate attempts with a random move, but the wayward queen attack always destroys her. 10/10 would play again

  11. I got mated by scholar's mate in school today. that mate hurted me (I am 300 elo player). My absence of mind has became a wild problem for me now

  12. I got mated by scholar's mate in school today. that mate hurted me (I am 300 elo player). My absence of mind has became a wild problem for me now

  13. i just now watched a video about this, early chess is mostly scholars mate and i had to adapt myself

  14. Me saying to the friend who uses scolars mate
    Ahh ahh call the ambulance call the ambulance
    But not for me

  15. Great vids, but nobody moves as many pawns as you do.

  16. I am in 1400 elo but still fear this mate it makes me look stupid

  17. Ok but that 700 elo guy…. He brought his queen out as instructed and still played a beautiful game against a 2500 elo guy within 5 min timer… That is very very impressive … If i didn't know his elo I'd atleast say he's like 1500

  18. Just wanted to say I only clicked on video to down vote it for having cringe face in thumbnail.

  19. Nothing is more annoying than the early queen attack. It also doesn't help I suck.

  20. Whenever someone tries to scholar's mate me because my elo is low enough they eventually hang their queen because they don't notice the f pawn is defended

  21. I would like to play Gotham so he could tell me what all I'm doing wrong

  22. Hey, chess noob here, can someone please explain to me why at 5:30 he goes Qxd4 instead of Nxd4 to trade queens? Seems like it’d be better to take with the knight and then threaten the take with Queen. Is it just to bait removing both queens?

  23. Just watched this video, and the first game I took after watching, the early queen attack happened and I forked the king and queen, thank you!

  24. im here to destroy those annoying 500 elo that dont know how to play chess properly

  25. if gotham was my teacher i will actually listen to the class

  26. Look like not too scary and totally horrible 😂

  27. I play the Mieses-kotrc with a really high win rate as white because of course knight attacks queen. I saw someone one time push the queen back diagonally and got a turn 3 royal pin. I've only seen it once and that was a turn 3 game ender.

  28. How on earth you create a video and mention the thumbnails in the video that are recording that not even posted yet and you mention about thumbnail that you know you gonna put there in the first place? What are youuuu? Always step ahead!

  29. After defeatong Nelson , I am watching this video

  30. My grandfather used to make early queen attacks all the time, I got beat up by his queens for 10 years. Now I use it when it's my first game against anyone to see what level I should expect from my opponent. It just works everytime against beginners

  31. I hate early queen attacks. I’ve watched a million of these videos and I don’t think I’ve ever beaten one. They never play the moves these guys say, I just end up chasing them around the board as they slowly pick off my pieces.

  32. In the land of triple digits, this is the only strategy

  33. Tal was once a victim of Scholars mate from his cousin so beginners who lose to early Queen attacks shouldn't feel bad.

  34. This video alone probably helped me gain 100 ELO lol
    Thanks, Gotham!

  35. Playing a few games a day untill i get out of 100 elo 💀

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