The Answer to Chess Research – FINALE

The Final Chapter on ‘Researching the Answer to Chess’ has now arrived :O
However the journey to try and apply the ‘Answer to Chess’ continues 🙂

Traits of 1900 Chess Play

The Real Chess rating comparisions

Knowing the Opening Mid game & End game Chess Phases

Fighting for the Initiative at each phase of development

Casual Chess Guy’s Rapid Play Session

About Chess Train

The Answer to Chess 2023

Chess Secrets Revealed for Normal folk 😊 –

How to identify your opponents weaknesses in chess

How lower rated players beat higher rated players

Pattern Training –

10 Reasons why Chess Train’s Channel might NOT be right for you –

(Disclaimer: This video content does not substitute professional chess training. If you want professional guidance on how to improve your chess, type ‘Chess Coach’ in your YouTube browser or seek professional coaching by other means)



A KIND OF HOPE by Scott Buckley
Leaving by AERØHEAD
Way Home by Tokyo Music Walker

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