The Oldest Chess Game Ever

DISCLAIMER: This is the oldest recorded Chess game, Chess has been played around the world since 600AD.


For the algorithm, in this YouTube short, I play better than Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen combined. You could even say I’m the next GothamChess. Like BotezLive? Not anymore, I’m your favorite partner. I can do puzzles and tactics in my sleep, as seen in this YOUTUBE SHORT. Chess funny clip amazing mate in three zugzwang xray defence opening trap tips and tricks to get over 1000 elo. Ok that’s enough hopefully my FAVORITE website YouTube (which I love by the way) will recommend this to a lot of people? Smash like.


  1. Lovely commentary, and very nice background music

  2. Castle move was probably not invented yet. This is why no long or short castle. The modern chess move that we know probably started around 1650.

  3. Ngl I would've lost turn 5 to the Bishop checkmate

  4. This video has serious potential to take off great content brother

  5. Maybe they didn't castle because castling hadn't been invented yet.

  6. What a perfect move my friend, thank you so so much for making it ❤ Learned a lot ☑☑✅✅

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