This is Checkmate, Right?

In Circular Chess, diagonals can be tricky…


  1. "checkm-"
    The bishop from the past universe:

  2. forgot the bishop and queen teaming up on A9, and Z11

  3. i cant believe the bishop came back from vacations

  4. “Luckily black had a horse”
    “But Your forgetting about the bishop in the blue dimension”

  5. We're not forgetting about anything. You didn't provide us the information.

  6. you cant forget about the rook in the blue dimension though

  7. This variation is interesting, but I wonder if it's too complex. Liike, 3-d chess never really took off because it was just too complicated. People seem to like it, though, so maybe it will work,

  8. “You forgot the bishop from ethereal workshop”

  9. You forgot about the bishop in blue dimension!☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  10. "You forgot the bishop i have 15 spatial dimensions away and 5 time dimensions ago"

  11. You didnt see the bishop, did ya?

  12. "You forgot the bishop in the blue dimension"

  13. Bro knew exactly what he was doing saying that there was a bishop 💀

  14. me:dude,this is definitely checkmate,j for some reason found a way to quadruple ladder checkmate you
    the bishop on §21826382¹⁰

  15. “You forgot the bishop in the red dimension”

  16. Can’t believe bro didn’t see the bishop 🤓

  17. I already miss opponent's bishops in normal chess 🙁

  18. "This is checkmate right?"
    I don't even know wtf im looking at

  19. i didn't know you could forget things you haven't seen in the first place

  20. "Checkmate"
    "nah, you forgot about the bishop located in the 4th dimemsion

  21. Hoq did he not see the bishop ahh move

  22. Circular Chess is part of the beta for my game, Deckmate! If you'd like to try it out for yourself, join the Discord server linked in the description of the long-form video.

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