This Man is 10,000,000 Chess Elo

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  1. dawg this is funny cause these swings happen to me too. Up to 1100 down to 900….. back up to 1050.

  2. 23:45 best move wasn't taking the queen. it was force checkmate in 4, rook takes rook forcing king to capture. Then move queen to b8 he would block with bishop to D8, after that he'd block queen to e8 then take queen and its checkmate.

  3. "This man [Tyler1] is more dedicated to chess than Hikaru Nakamura, Magnus Carlson, and Stockfish combined." I buy the first two, but it is impossible for someone who isn't literally a chess engine to be more dedicated to chess than a literal chess engine.

  4. He plays the cow, so eventually he will be able to bench press one.

  5. Random thought. I've not done the maths, and I'm not going to. But if player A is rated at 1000 to begin with, and repeatedly plays and beats a player rated 2000, how many games must player A play (and win) in order to get a rating of 3000?

  6. Frank vs Tyler would be crazy please make it happen!

  7. I’d hit 1200 too with Tyler’s adderal prescription 😂

  8. 3 days later,and he is already at 1326.

  9. I went from 800 to 700 in 3 days, if I went from 1100 to 800 I would stop playing chess, what a determination

  10. I see levy needs more people to clickbait (pin of shame me, this is my last attempt)

  11. Stopped watching when he said the cow 🐮 dude plays the cow get out of here lol

  12. Eh im jealous I didn’t stream my 1200 in 2 months

  13. I got to 600 in one day 😎 now I’m back at 540😂

  14. Don't remember if I wrote that already, but I am not surprised about that.
    Tyler peaked rank 5 challenger in LoL. He reached challenger (top 200 NA) with all LoL roles.
    I wouildn't be surprised he would reach 2000 elo in chess if he really wants to invest that much time in the climb

  15. As I am typing this, tyler1 is now at 1350 elo. He gained 150 elo in two days, absolutely insane and I'm at 1600 and I'm scared he'll pass me too!!!

  16. either he has no life or he js wana beat u gotham.

  17. I like how in chess you can either say "the games are shit" or you can say "the games are insanely back and forth" to communicate the exact same thing which is the epileptic stroke of the eval bar lol

  18. Someone should told him that playing the "cow" is like playing one champ in LoL.

  19. The last opponent didn't resign, she lost her queen and let her time run to 0:00 out of saltiness. Nothing weird about that at 1200, lots of bad sports down there.

  20. i can hear levy breathing between his words and it's bothering me

  21. 17:58 There is a full 100% probability that if black found bishop g8 to defend h7, Tyler wouldn't even know how to finish the mate.

  22. Bro 2 months? I gained like only 100 elo in 2 months lol

  23. Wow Levy, you managed to become a captive again

  24. Imagine tyler1 getting grandmaster on two games

  25. He was honest about beating Hikari man and Magnesium in chess

  26. I love 1000-1500 games so much. The basics are already firmly there, and the beginnings of high-level thought is also there. Sometimes you'd see absolutely stupid moves, sometimes you'd see actual Brilliant moves, sometimes you'd see an absolute throw, sometimes you'd see a mega clutch. Tyler1's journey up the ladder is so much fun to watch.

  27. I get lured in by the clickbait titles and thumbnails; i stick around for the charm.

  28. He's literally chatGPT learning algorhythm. Or maybe Naruto? Not sure

  29. Nah this guy is crazy, video came out 3 days ago he was 1200 now he's 1352 it's unbelievable

  30. Xcuse me im a normal person and i did my bed in a hotel!

  31. I csnt believe this addy ape got into chess 😂

  32. 5:21 woah woah woah I’ve been to 800 I am actually 1600 and it only took me 4 days

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