Vertical Castling!!! CHESS loophole!

There was a time that vertical castling was allowed by a strict reading of the rules of chess.
See Offbeat interpretations of the rules of chess on Wikipedia.
king and rook need to have not moved yet in the game of chess for castling to be allowed, can you spot the mat in 2?

made on @chess
Funny chess meme chess puzzle and chess problems, checkmate puzzle.

Eric rosen vs agadmator tournament with hikaru and magnus carlsen.



  1. So your telling me, that Chess has patch updates?

  2. Thats why I dont pause and try in this guy's videos

  3. Kemrit with Gun but reborn as LegMan KFP Soldier says:

    But there is still is technically a mate in 2 after you underpromote to a rook and kb1. It’s rf2 (or re2), kc1 then O-O-O#

  4. Рокировку по вертикали вроде бы запретили не так ли ?

  5. King is forced to B1. Move rook from H1 to H3, then the other to B3. Stalemate bc King can't kill the Rook and rules are dumb lol

  6. What about kind to d2 and then rook to a1?

  7. Just move the king up one square, but yea I got it.

  8. Why would FIDE patch this? Its fine as it is…afterall…the chance of this happening is very small

  9. I find it ridiculous that people wanna change the rules and add all that extra stuff, as if chess doesn't have enough possible outcomes. There is much you have to learn to be good at this game and be able to to keep up and on top of that they wanna change the rules and make the game harder than it is. FoH

  10. In the first move you move your rook of the corner to check and then is checkmate

  11. Or just move the room in the bottom right one space up. Boom. Checkmate.

  12. U can just put fortress up 1 block and done 😎

  13. If the h1 rook wasnt moved, and black goes 1st, king goes to b1, rook from g3, goes to g2, black king goes to c1, and you switch the h1 rook with the king. Again making the checkmate in 2 moves.

  14. I don't get puzzles. Who cares if you mate in 2 or 3 or 4? As long as you mate and don't tie like a dipshit what's the difference, and why does that matter anyway

  15. You don't even need to promote the pawn, with this set up you should even be able to mate in 1, just castle at the bottom. Boom mate in 1.

  16. I mean there's a way to get mate in 2 without doing that soooo….

    Move bottom rook up 1 space, move top rook left 6 spaces, when bottom rook moves up 1 the king is forced to move down into the corner, when left rook moves 6 left the king is left with no available moves or in other words, checkmate

  17. I just watched the life of brian not so long ago… I can't take this voice seriously right now lmao

  18. So stupid video.
    Promoting to a rook, and then castling vertically??!??
    Somebody must lost his brain.
    Shame and disgrace that YouTube agrees to show such an idiotic video.
    Brain damage to viewers.

  19. It's also called Pam-Krabbé-Rochade (engl. Pam-Krabbé castling)

  20. And here I was trying to figure out the mate conventionally. Tricky bastard

  21. Although this was a joke puzzle I feel like Rook to c8 could lead to a winning game for white

  22. but then the king the black king creates a square and moves there until its out of check

  23. If you move the king up one isnt that checkmate?

  24. Couldn't you do rook g2 and then castle with the rook in the corner?

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