Vishy Anand’s immortal attacking game | Anand vs Wesley So | Levitov Chess 2023| Commentary by Sagar

This game is Vishy Anand’s immortal game! In a career spanning over 4 decades Vishy has played several sparkling games of chess, but this one features right up there at the top! It’s a game which Vishy himself is proud of and you will know exactly why.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Vishy opened up that position like I open up a can of tuna.

  2. Vishy playing like Tal !!! Awesome stuff

  3. Sagar bhai bahut hi ghatiya commentary kari hai.. Game dekhne ke baad aise kon commentary karta hai..

  4. I'm happy when watching this ultra legend's immortal fight 👍

  5. Thank You For Encouragement My Chess Com India Chess Practice Chess Vishy Anand Younger Brother Sir.

  6. After the queen sac the eval bar didn't even budge fully agreeing with the GM sacrifice.
    Even without queen sac it was a dead lost position the queen sac just added fireworks 🎆 to the already lit up position.

  7. Nothing:
    Literally not even an eye blink:
    Sagar Shah: Vishy looks very very excited
    But great commentary as always 😄

  8. Amazing and brilliant game! And beating too 😂

  9. That😯😯😯 was stunningly jaw-dropper….Wesly So will remember this game for a very long time…and Anand, what to say, he should have won another candidates to challenge Carlsen…

  10. Sagar please metion when was the match played? Date?

  11. Anand gained no advantage much stringer is on Be7 a3! and if castle dc!

  12. Sack the knight, then an exchange, THEN the queen !! This is one for the ages – a classic brilliancy! 👏💪Not going f5, but g6 first by black? Wonder if that would have been a defence? Because, after that – Vishy clearly saw the WHOLE line – woww, simply woww 🤩

  13. damn. this game will get published in some "author's" chapter on castled king attack

  14. Anand is still one of very quick and deadly chess player!!!I Always like his games! I hope one day I can play against him(added long time ago on my bucket list 🙏)

  15. What a game! unbelievable 😲😲😲 I'm a big fan of Mikhail Tal Sir but today Anand Sir play like a modern Mikhail Tal. Thank you Anand Sir for playing this precious game.

  16. In the final position, Sagar says Wesley cannot take on h7 with his queen because Anand would give a check on d6 first and then pick up his queen. But after Qd6 check, cant Wesley just block with his queen? I dont see the continuation after that

  17. Remember when So and Hikaru and Magnus went full blown commie mode and openly supported the ban of Karjakin because they didnt agree with his words. So ought to be shipped out of America and into some communist ran country. What's worse is he claims to be Christian (So). Yeah very Christ like. I dont like your speech so lets take it away. What a joke he is.

  18. Thank you for the great game and Commentary. . Awestruck by the moves

  19. Vishy is the perfect GM …u can watch him for whole day !

  20. vishy goes for right jab but wesley parries it but unforunately he slipped his left foot getting floored.

  21. FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Horible sound quality. Please invest some of the money you make in a mic, software or watch some videos about mic-leveling 😉

  23. the madras tiger has aged but didnt forget to hunt❤‍🔥

  24. Saya tidak mengerti, mengapa Wesley So menyerah.
    Ada yang bisa jelaskan tolong.

  25. 6:25 he said vishy was extremely happy , he didnt smile 🤣🤣

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