Vladmir Kramnik’s No Castling Chess Attack – Aronian vs. Kramnik, 2018

In the 2018 Candidates’ tournaments, Vladimir Kramnik made one last run at the World Chess Champion title. In his game against Levon Aronian, he started hot with a fantastic strategic and tactical victory in the Berlin Defense!

* Watch for these …Rg8 and …g5 ideas! They are all the rage!
* h3 can be a hook for the opponent’s attack.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful game. Great commentary!

  2. Thank you for the video that is really awesome, but I cannot agree with the 4th place. For me it is not only the best game of the decade, but also one of the best games ever played.

  3. I thought it was played in the so called no-castling Kramnik Variant 🙂 – but i see that white has castled kingside. Kramnik is the smiling toughguy that played his variant without the oponents cooperation 🙂

  4. Now – thanks to Sam – i know what in the era of neural networks should be added to classical, weighted tree engine's implementation – the esthetics! Even if it can mate quicker, simpler, then it should mate more beautifully. It should even play more beautifully, loosing some positional centipawns but for example making a connect—-4 pawns structure :). I could play against that engine :). I wrote it seriously, engine mating with a pawn 🙂 instead of a queen (queen has 800 centipawns more even than a pawn on 7th rank).

    I must add that i recall an endgame analysis where engine decided to promote the last pawn into a bishop… queen was also available to promote without a stalemate but it took bishop and together showed me the mate in 12. I know how to mate with bishop and a knight, when to loose the tempo but i was overwhelmed with that suggestion coming from an engine. It felt for me like a miraclous message from Caissa 🙂 – but later thinking i thought that the "best/quickest" mate from an engine with a queen would result in forcing the looser to take our other pawn – engine sees all the perfect moves of the oponent so he choosed not to loose that other pawn and grind the position with knight and bishop 🙂 It was one crazy engine expierience for me 🙂

  5. I will try the rg1/rg8 Kramnik idea for sure, against some blitz oponents that fianchetto its both bishops and castle without taking a look what i have played :). I am not a master at chess but i already know that i like the games of Ivanchuk, Kramnik and Tal much more than the ones played by Stockfish even though the last player has around 400 rating points more than my favourite players do 🙂

  6. This is absolutely deserving of a higher rank, just wow! Kraminik just imposes his will on Aronian the entire time. Ok you want to try something other than your usual d4? How about the Berlin? No Berlin? Try this Rg8 then…oh and I'm not going to castle as well. (The Queen journey from Qd1 – Qd4 – Qc4 – Qb5 – Qa4 – Qd1 looks like a broken half heart)

  7. 1:29 If people have noticed this, Nxe5 doesn't work for white, even if you grab a pawn. Qd4 wins a piece for black, as black is also threatening checkmate on f2.

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