What are the Four Rules of Castling in Chess? Beginner’s Guide to Learn King Rook Swap Rules

Learn the four rules of castling in chess before you make a castling move in any game. Because if you break any of the four rules while castling, then you may be penalised for making an illegal move. Hence, it is extremely important to learn and remember these castle rules before you do kingside or queenside castling in the game.


0:00 1st Rule of Castling
0:58 2nd Rule of Castling
2:02 3rd Rule of Castling
2:50 4th Rule of Castling
5:11 Question of the Day!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that you forgot to mention the fifth and sixth rule pertinent to castling.5) Regardless of which side the castling is done (short or long), the King must always move only two squares. The Rook however, moves two squares (if it's the short casting) or three squares (if it's the long castling). 6) While castling, the player MUST touch the King first. Once the King is moved two squares, only then the player is supposed to touch the Rook to move it to two or three squares (as the case may be – short or long) to complete the castling. If the player intends to castle but touches the Rook before the King, they must move only the Rook and thus, cannot complete castling. This internationally accepted rule is applicable in both manual as well as online versions.

  2. No, because the black rook has moved, so the king cannot long castle and there is no rook on king side so the king cannot short castle either.

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