What is Castling in Chess?

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  1. The king may be in check then can be castle

  2. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! Your explanation of this was perfect. It helped me understand something that I was oddly having a hard time wrapping my head around. Your step-by-step explanation cleared it all up! Have a blessed and safe holiday season ahead 🙂

  3. I just started playing chess this weekend you explained us very well thanks very much!!

  4. Can we move the king and rook in only the castling move at the same time or do we have to wait for our next turn the move the rook?

  5. Castling is also the only time a king can move 2 squares

  6. Rules of castling:1. The king and rook cannot be moved, not even one move can be done. If a move is done by either piece, castling is disabled2. You cannot castle during check.

  7. Can you explain when it is questionable if you can or can not castle.

  8. Thanks I've been wondering what that is when I've been watching chess videos

  9. Why can i castle after i moved king and put king back

  10. 🤩😍😲😍🤩😍😲😍😍🤩😍🤩🤩

  11. Can i castle on the other side too ?

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