When Chess Grand Master Tries Chessboxing – Dina Belenkaya vs Andrea Botez

Women Grandmaster (WGM) Dina Belenkaya decides to try her hand at boxing and chess against chess enthusiast (but unranked) Andrea Botez. Let’s see if the power of punches and exhaustion will affect either contestant’s chess abilities. Watch as Jerry commentates with his friend Leo who was a child chess protegy. Because a very cool match deserves a cool commentary duo!

To find the matches without my commentary:
(from Ludwig)
Andrea’s channel:

Dina’s channel:

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 Round 1 (Chess)
4:01 Round 2 (Boxing)
7:41 Round 3 (Chess)
11:15 Round 4 (Boxing)
14:24 Round 5 (Chess)
17:19 Round 6 (Boxing)
21:17 Round 7 (Chess)
21:58 Thoughts on result
24:29 Endcards


  1. I will send this to Leo too and get his handle so you guys can play him on Chess dot com some time in the future.

  2. Andrea has romanian genes, so she has the fight in her dna

  3. Andrea Botez is a chess champion and prodigy who has been playing since she was a kid lol. She used to stream chess related content with her sister who was also a chess champion

  4. wow the chess commentary is terrible and the ref saved Dina

  5. i kinda wanna see you react to chris broad's chessboxing match 😂

    also andrea shouldve won imo

  6. Waiting for the Botez gambit 😂🤣

    They are both top level chess players

  7. If you are interested in Andrea, you should watch her second boxing match. No chess in this one but technique is miles ahead of her performance during this match. The most technical fight of the night.

  8. No way your friend is a chess master, commentary was horrible. "World Grand Master". Cringe

  9. Bishops and knights by themselves are worth the same but 2 bishops are worth slightly more than 2 knights because you cant checkmate with 2 knights but you can with 2 bishops. Thats how it was explained to me anyway.

  10. In ancient days chess replaced physical combat. Armies lined up and the generals played chess. I think it was in India.

  11. Watching again, man that ref still triggers me. Andrea and Alex aren't twins, by the way.

  12. The refereeing here was even worse than the Spurs vs Liverpool match this weekend, and those guys are being suspended / investigated / fired.

  13. This is so whack that it's entertaining! Unfortunately, I find the rules of chess more confusing that IBJJF point scoring. i think the knight can travel in an "L" right?

    I like the bowtie on the ref. Leave him alone. It's very retro Mills Lane.

  14. Dude I was SO invested in this match, it was so very close, after this I can see the appeal of the sport 😆. Too bad it was so controversial. It definitely wasn't fair for Andrea.

  15. I'm a horrible chess player because I never played chess before. If l have a match like this I definitely lose. 🤷

  16. Lol Jerry! Asking how much chess has Andrea played as she's playing the women's best is like asking how much MMA has somebody done when fighting John Jones. You don't get to fight Jones if you don't know how to fight.

  17. As the "great" YouTuber Prophet Muscle once wisely said:
    " Physical chess, boi! "

  18. such a strange machup of completly different disciplines… I don't get it haha

  19. They're both better fighters than any of those Tai Chi masters.😛

  20. WGM is Woman Grandmaster. They are much better than masters, but by no means unbeatable. Also Andrea has played tons of chess before this. For the most part I like the personality of the commentators, but they are phenomenally uninformed regarding chess. 'Moving quickly is more of a shock' there's rarely psychology to how quickly you move you're just saving your time. In the future, I'd love to see someone with some chess experience, or at least a fan of it, join the commentating

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