When the Queen Makes A Huge Mistake! |Chess Memes #45

Chess Memes #45 | When Queen Makes A HUGE Blunder


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  1. At 4:06

    Isn't this supposed to be prepared and executed as the "Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit"

    It is but with more moves

  2. 2:41 queen takes rook is checkmate because knight is pinned by bishop

  3. 2:41 The queen could take the rook and the knight can not capture because he is pinned by the bishop

  4. Idk why 4:14 always makes me laugh when that meme is used 😂

  5. Jn minute 2:40 u couldve took the rook since the night is pinned to the king

  6. At 5:35 you could kill rook with king instead you kill pawn💀

  7. The white king can stellmate the game lol😂

  8. 3:09 could the horse move to c9 to block check and then after queen take put queen on d9

  9. Amongus meme and a lot of gun

  10. The first game is not mate:

    Black can play Nc8 to block the check.
    After White does Qxc8, then Black is in check again.
    Black can do Ke7 to escape the check, which he couldn't do prior to the Knight sacrifice because the Knight was in the way.

    This is the only way I saw that Black could escape mate.

    Edit: Nevermind; the position is still not mate, but after Nc8 and Qxc8, it's mate because Rook is preventing Ke7 and Black can't do Kg7 because of pawn, neither can he do Kf7 because of pawn again.

  11. In the second game you could fork earlier the king and the eook

  12. I love how we still here in the last 31 secs in vid

  13. why cant the knight block if queen takes block with the queen

  14. I'm drinking apple juice but I'm just laughing my head off

  15. 2:41 Rc8 is a BIG ?? because if queen takes it’s checkmate as the bishop behind the queen is pinning the night. Big mistake black king

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