When to DELAY Castling in Chess!!

Welcome to CHESS GOALS, in this video I talk about the advantages of delaying castling!

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  1. i’ve been learning for about 6months now, what i’ve learned that’s been the most helpful is seeing chess as a game of windows of opportunity, every move has a chance to close a window

  2. Great video as always, keep up the good work mate!

  3. I might have to review/revise chessmaster and see what josh waitzkin said about castling. If Josh said anything about castling early then I guess it's time to lawyer up. Haha. Just kidding, josh. Go back to martial arts.

    Anyway I now see what's up with all my castling. I'm actually a 9LX player and I just knew my castling issues were not specific to 9LX! In particular this video does explain my blitz games. I thought I was castling on the wrong side or something but really I guess it was castling early.

    Well actually sometimes when I castled the engine did suggest other moves, but I guess I just didn't really understand the engine. (The engine wouldn't usually say castling was bad or that bad a move anyway.)

    What luck that this was uploaded 3 days ago. There does appear to be many other videos re castling on YouTube but few specific to delaying castling that or that are very succinct/compact/elegant like this. Months ago I figured I'd eventually look up castling videos on YouTube but awhile ago I decided now has to be the 'eventually'.

  4. Suggestion/request: please do a 9LX example for this

  5. 2:38 man love the awkwardness of the white queen if they go for the best engine line 13. Qc7 Qa6 14. Kb1 Nd5 15. Qg3 (though it seems you're more the type of player to play 13…b4 in response) looks like they can stop you castling by going deep in your ranks but then they just awkwardly retreat to Qg3. lol.

  6. 2:46 wait did you really mean to talk about 13. Rd3 instead of 14. Kd2? It seems the engine makes a far bigger deal of 14. Kd2 over 13. Rd3. of course the explanation the engine doesn't give is the one you gave: the issue is the tempo the white lost. it just seems the engine thinks 14. Kd2 is a far bigger tempo loss than 13. Rd3

  7. ads for other videos appeared at 5:10 and i couldn't see the end of the match.ne knows how to remove those cards for other videos?

  8. 1:20 Consider the 90 positions in 9LX where you have to move a rook on 1 side to castle on the other side. What to do about castling then when you can't seem to keep your poker face up?

    See 'How many Chess960 positions exist in which castling on 1 side does not require moving the rook on the other side?' On Chess Stack Exchange

  9. 6 months later man this video was so simple yet so eye opening. In short you should not necessarily castle early especially if you don't have your opening book by your side eg in 9LX

  10. 1 year later I've still been coming back to this video every so often because of the poker face thing in 1:22 !

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